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Fig. 3

From: Effect of mushroom Agaricus blazei on immune response and development of experimental cerebral malaria

Fig. 3

Administration of fraction C of Agaricus blazei protects mice against P. berghei infection. a Characterization of fractions of the crude extract of A. blazei with the partial chemical composition of fractions A–C (in percentage), b analysis by SDS-Page 12 % polyacrylamide of fractions obtained from the purification of the crude extract and c measurement of antioxidant activity of fractions of AbM. MM molecular mass markers, CE Crude Extract, FA Fraction A; FB Fraction B; FC Fraction C. C57BL/6 mice received 100 mg/kg of A. blazei Fraction C or chloroquine (30 mg/kg) 3 days before infection, then infected with 105 parasitized RBCs IP via, and treated until 7th day post infection. d Parasitaemia, survival and body weight in untreated P. berghei-infected mice and treated with chloroquine or fraction C. Neurologic signs of CM appeared on days 6–12 (shaded area), with death occurring 24–48 h after onset. Parasitaemia and body weight values are expressed as mean ± SD of 5 mice per group. # p < 0.001, log-rank test; ANOVA followed Bonferroni’s test.

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