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Fig. 7

From: Inhibition by stabilization: targeting the Plasmodium falciparum aldolase–TRAP complex

Fig. 7

Ternary co-crystal structure of PfAldolase with TRAP and compound 24. a Panel showing all four sub-units of PfAldolase bound with TRAP (blue 2Fo-Fc map at 1.5 s level) and compound 24 (green difference density map at 3 s level). b Superposition of compound 24 relative to the TRAP-tails, TRAP is represented as transparent surface. While all four TRAP-tails are in an almost identical position, compound 24 adopts two major conformations. c Structural comparison of the PfAldolase–TRAP complex 2PC4 (grey [26]) with PfAldolase–TRAP–Cmp 24 complex 4TR9 (green and magenta). Binding of compound 24 to the PfAldolase–TRAP interface results in a dramatic inward movement of TRAP compared to our previous structure of PfAldolase with TRAP alone (2PC4, [26]).

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