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Fig. 2

From: Non-invasive surveillance for Plasmodium in reservoir macaque species

Fig. 2

Sensitivity of faecal screening for detection of Plasmodium infections in primates. Estimates for the sensitivity of screening faecal samples for Plasmodium from this study and previously published studies are shown (Additional file 2, [26, 31, 40]). The largest PCR product from all samples of gorillas and humans was 1230 bp, but are shown staggered in the figure for visual clarity. Confidence intervals are calculated using the Wilson interval for samples under 40 and the Agresti-Coull method for datasets that have 40 or greater sampling units. All calculations were done using the binom package [51] in R v. 3.0.2 [34]. The asterisk indicates the sensitivity of the best primers from this study

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