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Table 2 Measures of diversity, differentiation and gene flow for subpopulations identified in this study

From: Evidence for temporal population replacement and the signature of ecological adaptation in a major Neotropical malaria vector in Amazonian Peru

Subpopulation All locia
Current study (A)
 A 10.0
 P A 1.5
 H E 0.711
 H O 0.486
 F IS 0.317
Current study (B)
 A 11.0
 P A 2.7
 H E 0.700
 H O 0.458
 F IS 0.345
 F ST 0.051
 N M 4.65
 F ST 0.022
 N M 11.33
  1. A number of alleles, P A number of private alleles, H E expected heterozygosity, H O observed heterozygosity, F IS inbreeding coefficient, F ST population differentiation, N M number of migrants (gene flow)
  2. aThirteen microsatellite loci