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Table 1 Questions used for evidence quality evaluation in the systematic review

From: Association between anthropometry-based nutritional status and malaria: a systematic review of observational studies

Order Question
1 The study clearly describes its objectives and hypotheses?
2 The study clearly describes the exposures and outcomes?
3 The study describes basic characteristics of participants (age and gender)?
4 The results of the statistical analysis were presented explicitly (p values and/or confidence intervals)?
5 The study provided estimates of random variability in the results of the main outcome measures (standard deviation, standard error, confidence interval)?
6 The results were adjusted for possible confounding variables through stratification or multivariate analysis?
7 The study informs the loss characteristics (numbers and reasons)?
8 Participants were followed for the same time or the study was adjusted for different follow-up times?
9 Statistical tests used were adequate (non application of parametric statistics for population under 100)?
10 The measures used for the main outcomes were accurate (description of the technique for the diagnosis of malaria and nutritional status)?
11 The demographic characteristics of the groups were comparable or adjusted (age and geographic area)?
12 The participants of different groups were recruited in the same period of time?