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Table 4 Background information malaria screening and treatment

From: The challenges of introducing routine G6PD testing into radical cure: a workshop report

Questions Bangladesh Cambodia Malaysia Philippines
What are the current screening procedures for Pv? Microscopy and RDT at health facilities and community level Microscopy and RDT at health facilities, RDT at community-level Microscopy Microscopy and RDTs. RDTs in rural health facilities by trained barangay health workers (BHWs). Microscopy in municipal health clinics and gov’t hospitals. Trained BHWs can also conduct microscopy
Active, passive, mass test or treat (MSAT), focused test and treat (FSAT) Both active and passive case detection. Focused test and treat in pre-elimination areas Passive case detection, some active detection with research. No MSAT or FSAT Active and passive case detection Passive case detection, some active detection
Is G6PD testing mandatory? Is it recommended prior to PQ administration? Not mandatory Mandatory testing and recommended prior to PQ Mandatory testing prior to PQ. All newborns tested at birth Testing is recommended
If G6PD testing is not mandatory, are their alternative procedures in place to assess and monitor risk of post-treatment haemolysis? Are patients monitored treatment adherence? Patient is advised to report haemolysis. Follow ups are done by NGO-PR (BRAC supported consortium) at day 3, 7, and 14 No monitoring system in place Patients are monitored Patients are advised to report haemolysis. Treatment adherence is supposed to be monitored by BHW. No monitoring of haemolysis
Who performs the majority of screening activities? Outreach Lab: Lab tech (NGO)
Community Clinic: community health care provider (CHCP)
Union sub-centers: medical officer, health assistant (GoB)
Field Level: Health Assistant (GoB) or Shastho Kormi/Shastho Shebika (NGO)
Medical officer at the District, Upazila and Tertiary facility level
Lab tech, nurse, or community health worker Medical lab techs and nurses MDs at clinics and hospitals
Licensed midwives or BHW at rural health facilities