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Table 1 Primary antibodies used in the study

From: A potential role for interleukin-33 and γ-epithelium sodium channel in the pathogenesis of human malaria associated lung injury

Antibodies Type Source Dilution Measuring site
CD3 Mouse monoclonal DakoCytomation® 1:100 All T-lymphocyte
CD8 Mouse monoclonal DakoCytomation® 1:100 Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte
CD68 Mouse monoclonal DakoCytomation® 1:200 Macrophage
Neutrophil elastase Mouse monoclonal DakoCytomation® 1:200 Neutrophil
IL-33 Rabbit polyclonal Milipore® 1:100 Bronchial epithelium
γ-ENaC Rabbit polyclonal Milipore® 1:100 Bronchial epithelium
Vascular smooth muscle cell
AQP-1 Rabbit polyclonal Milipore® 1:100 Alveolar capillary
AQP-5 Rabbit polyclonal Milipore® 1:50 Alveolar epithelium
Pan cytokeratin Rabbit polyclonal Milipore® 1:400 Bronchial epithelium