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Table 1 Overview of data analyses after mosquito larvae sampling in Mâncio Lima, 2012–2014

From: Contribution of fish farming ponds to the production of immature Anopheles spp. in a malaria-endemic Amazonian town

Analysis Research question Datasets
1 Is there a difference in Anopheles spp. larval infestation in natural water bodies and fishponds? D5: All five complete surveys
2 Is Anopheles spp. larval infestation influenced by limnological and ecological covariates? D3n: First three complete surveys, natural bodies of water sub-set
D3f: First three complete surveys, fishpond sub-set
3 Does larval infestation change over time? D5n: All five complete surveys, natural breeding site sub-set
D9f: Five full and four short surveys, fishpond sub-set (only the 20 fishponds sampled during short and complete surveys)
4 Does larval infestation in fishponds vary by owner? D5f: All five complete surveys, fishpond sub-set
5 Factors related to differences in larval infestation between owners? D5f: All five complete surveys, fishpond sub-set