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Table 1 Comparison between the parasite viability kinetic assay and the in vitro killing rate assay based on limiting dilutions using compounds from the Medicines for Malaria Venture Malaria Box

From: Identifying rapidly parasiticidal anti-malarial drugs using a simple and reliable in vitro parasite viability fast assay

Compound In vitro killing rate assay (standard assay) Viability assay (fast assay)
MMV000478 Fast Fast
MMV665939 Slow Slow
MMV019066 Slow Slow
MMV019662 Slow Slow
MMV007564 Moderate Fast/moderate
MMV020750 Moderate Moderate
MMV665789 Moderate Moderate
MMV665928 Fast Fast
MMV006767 Moderate Moderate
MMV008149 Slow Slow
MMV009108 Slow Slow
MMV665924 Fast Fast
MMV011895 Fast Fast
MMV019017 Fast Fast
MMV009063 Fast Fast
MMV665794 Moderate Moderate
MMV665824 Slow Slow
MMV006455 Fast Fast
MMV665852 Moderate/fast Fast
MMV665888 Moderate Moderate
  1. Fast chloroquine/artemisinin-like (no viable parasites detected after 24 h’ treatment), moderate pyrimethamine-like (no viable parasites detected after 48 h’ treatment), slow atovaquone-like (more than 48 h’ treatment needed to kill all parasites)