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Table 2 The estimated AIC for each of the models

From: Standardizing Plasmodium falciparum infection prevalence measured via microscopy versus rapid diagnostic test

Model AIC of stratified model AIC model not stratified Preferred model
Febrile/non-febrile (stratified model 1) 8523.86 8756.76 Stratified model
Taken ACT/not taken ACT (stratified model 2) 3700.14 3787.54 Stratified model
RDT type (stratified model 3) 6480.68 6299.77 Not stratified
RDT brands (stratified model 4) 5970.06 6299.77 Stratified model
Febrile/non-febrile with RDT brands 8023.65 8756.76 Stratified model