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Fig. 7

From: Larval habitat characteristics of the main malaria vectors in the most endemic regions of Colombia: potential implications for larval control

Fig. 7

Network interactions between species of Anopheles and larval habitats. *The larval habitats were sampled once in different months of the year. a Cordoba, b Valle del Cauca, c Nariño. The black bands above the figures show the abundance of each Anopheles species, and black bands below show every larval habitat. The perpendicular lines show the presence of each species in site. ABM: An. albimanus, NTV: An. nuneztovari s.l., DAR: An. darlingi, TRI: An. triannulatus, PPP: An. pseudopunctipennis, NEO: An. neomaculipalpus, CAL: An. calderoni

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