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Table 1 Formulations for the four pyrethroid-impregnated and the one non-treated mesh

From: Acceptability and effectiveness of a monofilament, polyethylene insecticide-treated wall lining for malaria control after six months in dwellings in Vhembe District, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Insecticide Active (wt%) Lining colour
Alpha-cypermethrin (Bilag, ca. 95 % technical) 0.29 Green
Alpha-cypermethrin (Bilag, ca. 95 % technical) 0.47 Orange
Deltamethrin (Targos, ca. 98 % technical) 0.52 Brown
Deltamethrin (Targos, ca. 98 % technical) 0.85 Purple
Non treated mesh 0.00 White
  1. The base polymer for all lining formulations was polyethylene pellets