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Table 1 Environmental module parameters

From: A validated agent-based model to study the spatial and temporal heterogeneities of malaria incidence in the rainforest environment

Parameter name


Notes and references

Simulation time step

1 h


Study area extension

2370 × 2520 m


Centroid of the study area bounding box

3°41′54.17″S, 73°16′43.24″W


Geographical grid cover pixel size

10 m

Based on spatial imagery resolution

Mosquito grid cover pixel size

30 m


Geographical grid extension

237 × 252 pixels


Mosquito grid extension

79 × 84 pixels

Periodic boundary condition applied

Number of mosquito agents generated per oviposition

6.6 mosquitoes agents/oviposition


Maximum number of mosquito agents generated per unit of breeding area every 12 simulation hours

0.16 mosquitoes agents/m2/12 h

Calibration parameter

Reduction factor of the number of mosquitoes generated per unit of breeding area per unit of time in permanent water covers


Calibration parameter