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Table 1 Variables considered for the global regression model of malaria prevalence

From: Spatially variable risk factors for malaria in a geographically heterogeneous landscape, western Kenya: an explorative study

Variable Description for GWR per project cluster
Sex % males
Age1 % of children under 5 years old
Age2 % of children between 5 and 15 years old
Age3 % of people above the age of 15
Occupation % outdoor occupation
People per sleeping room Mean people per sleeping room
People per house Mean people per house
Screened eaves % houses with open eaves
Condition of bed nets % bed nets without damages
House sprayed last 12 months % sprayed houses in last 12 months
Nets per person Mean number of nets per person
Socio economic status1 % of people with highest SES
Socio economic status2 % of people with lowest SES
House ownership % of houses owned
Population density Mean population density
Mosquito exposure Mean malaria mosquito catches per house
Distance to lake Mean distance to the lake
Elevation from lake Mean elevation from lake
Distance to clinic Mean distance to nearest health clinic
  1. SES socio economic status, NDVI normalized difference vegetation index, TWI topographic wetness index