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Fig. 2

From: Localization and interactions of Plasmodium falciparum SWIB/MDM2 homologues

Fig. 2

Clustal Omega primary amino acid sequence alignments for PfMDM2 and PfSWIB to various SWIB/MDM2 domains. Alignment of the PfMDM2 SWIB/MDM2 to SWIB/MDM2 domains identified in a MDM2 proteins and b other proteins. Alignment of the PfSWIB SWIB/MDM2 to SWIB/MDM2 domains identified in c MDM2 proteins and d other proteins. The red blocks indicate critical amino acid residues for p53 binding [9, 49], which show limited conservation in the two parasite domains. The green blocks highlight a previously described Trp residue conserved in SWIB/MDM2 domains, not found in MDM2 proteins [18]. Purple blocks indicate identical amino acids; blue blocks indicate similar amino acids; threshold set at 80 %

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