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Table 1 Artemisinin and partner drug studies used to inform the resistance scenarios

From: Assessing the potential impact of artemisinin and partner drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa

Location Pailin, Cambodia Pursat, Cambodia Oddar Meanchey Province, Cambodia Tasanh, Cambodia Sudan and Uganda
Reference Leang et al. [16] Leang et al. [16] Spring et al. [17] Bethell et al. [18] Mukhtar et al. [19]a; Priotto et al. [20]b
Percentage of treated individuals with slow parasite clearance 32.2 % 8.6 % 54 % 48.2 % 3.5b %
Slow parasite clearance time (days) 8.91c 6.04c 10.26 10.86c 5.42c
Percentage of treated individuals that recrudesce to LCF 2.7 % 5.4 % 21 % 1.6d % 3.9a %
Percentage of individuals that recrudesce to LPF 10.7 % 0 % 24 % 4.8d % 10.4a %
Time to recrudesce (days) 26.9 25.6 27.1 24.5e 25.3a
Summary Medium artemisinin and partner drug resistance Low artemisinin and partner drug resistance High artemisinin and partner drug resistance High artemisinin resistance No artemisinin resistance and high partner drug resistance
  1. a,bDenotes which study each value was obtained (a = Mukhtar et al. [19], b = Priotto et al. [20])
  2. cThese values were not given in the studies and were derived from data—see Additional file 1: Supplementary methods for details
  3. dValues not given in paper, only total proportion of people recrudescing (6.4 %)—this was split up to match the LCF:LPF ratio from the 2010 Tasanh study
  4. eNot given in paper, assumed to be same as 2010 Tasanh study