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Fig. 1

From: A pivot mutation impedes reverse evolution across an adaptive landscape for drug resistance in Plasmodium vivax

Fig. 1

Alleles composing the Plasmodium vivax adaptive landscape for drug resistance in this study. a Schematic of the possible pathways between the most resistant allele (1111) and most susceptible (0000). b Growth rates of alleles in the landscape of P. vivax as observed in Jiang et al. [32] c Rank order curves for P. vivax in pyrimethamine. The y-axis depicts the rank order of alleles at a given drug concentration. The x-axis is in terms ln(concentration of PYR + 1) of the pyrimethamine drug concentration in μM. Note how regularly the lines intersect across drug concentrations. This indicates G × E interactions, which alters the structure of the landscape

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