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Table 1 Sample availability for k13 genotyping

From: Lack of K13 mutations in Plasmodium falciparum persisting after artemisinin combination therapy treatment of Kenyan children

Sample ID D0 D1 D2 D3 D28 D42
K0025 X      X
K0344 X      X
K0385 X      X
K0544 X      X
K0598 X     X  
K0701 X    X   X
K0719 X    X   X
K0774 X      X
K0804 X      X
K0840 X     X  
K0875 X      X
K0881 X      X
K1010 X      X
K1149 X    X   X
K1152 X     X  
K1307 X     X  
K1348 X    X   X
K1368 X X X X   X
K1438 X    X   X
K1478 X     X  
K1521 X      X
K1861 X    X   X
K1917 X     X  
K1943 X      X
K2023 X      X
K2024 X      X
K3077 X      X
K3212 X    X X  
K3215 X    X   X
K3404 X    X X  
K3762 X     X  
K3801 X     X  
  1. Table shows sample which were available for k13 genotyping on different time points. Days 0 and day of fail (days 28 or 42) samples were available for k13 genotyping for 32 patients. Of the 32, ten patients had additional samples on day 3 while for patient K3168, additional samples on days 1 and 2 were included retrospectively for further k13 genotype analysis