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Table 2 Phenotype and genotype outcomes of patient K1368

From: Lack of K13 mutations in Plasmodium falciparum persisting after artemisinin combination therapy treatment of Kenyan children

Patient ID Phenotype
D3 Parasite positive Gametocyte D7 positivity Mosquito infection Recurrent parasitaemia PCR correction
K1368 No No No Day 42 New infection
Patient ID Genotype
D0 Pfk13 at 578 D3 Pfk13 at 578 D0 Pfmdr1 at 86/184/1246 Day 0 Pfcrt at 72–76 D0 PfAP2mu S160 N
  1. The patient phenotypic data show typical normal clearing parasites and all samples before treatment show the wild type alleles with the exception of pfk13, where the mutant is present at codon 578. However, 3 days after treatment only the wild type of codon 578 was observed. When the pfk13 genotyping on day 3 was repeated no amplification was observed