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Table 2 Comparison of case counts from four sites in the BFMIS database and paper logbook, January–December 2013

From: Performance and user acceptance of the Bhutan febrile and malaria information system: report from a pilot study

Areas (GEOG sites) Module Cases in BFMIS database Cases in logbook/paper report Completeness of the BFMIS compared to the paper reports in %
Sarpang Hospital (Sompangkha) Case registration module 4514 4350 +3.8 %
Case notification module 6 6 Complete
Gelegphu regional Referral Hospital Case registration module 94 4068 −97.7 %a
Case notification module 8 8 Complete
Jigmaling (Chokorling) Case registration module 1399 1367 +2.3 %
Case notification module 1 1 Complete
Norbuling BHU (Sherzshong) Case registration module 640 583 +9.8 %
Case notification module 2 2 Complete
  1. aCases were not systematically entered into the BFMIS database due to high workload of staff caused by dual approach or registering patients in both systems