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Table 4 Operational research topics ranked by scoring criteria

From: Establishing research priorities for malaria elimination in the context of the emergency response to artemisinin resistance framework-the Cambodian approach

No OR Topic Score
1 How can we increase participatory village interventions in active community involvement such as ACD and treatment? 18
2 How can we increase the quality and effectiveness of malaria education provided to patients by health facilities/VMWs, to improve awareness of, and prevention measures against malaria? 17
3 What are the most effective means of improving MMP Surveillance? 16
4 What are the most effective means of improving malaria case surveillance 16
5 Monitoring the efficacy of A + M for the treatment of Pf and Pv malaria cases 16
6 Evaluation of active surveillance and treatment of asymptomatic malaria cases 15
7 How has the epidemiology of vectors changed over the past 10 years? 15
8 How does DOTs change the behaviour of the patients and their adherence to anti-malarials? 15
9 How safe is primaquine administration in Cambodia, and what is the role of G6PD Screening? 15
10 Monitoring the efficacy of novel ACTs (Artesunate + Pyronaridine) in drug resistant regions of Cambodia 14
11 How effective are LLINs in protecting the most at risk populations (mobile migrant workers), and how does net preference and sleeping behaviour affect their use? 13
12 What is the prevalence of dengue and chikungunya in Cambodia? 12
13 How feasible is it to DOTs for malaria cases in Cambodia? 11
14 Is it feasible to use microscopy as a primary method of laboratory confirmed diagnosis for malaria and can a quality control program be established? 11
15 Is there a sustainable, effective and ecologically safe alternative to Abate for vector control measure for dengue control? 10
16 How can the capacity of the private sector be improved to incorporate NTD surveillance and the estimation of disease burden? 0
17 What surveillance and vector control methods are needed for NTDs in Cambodia? 0