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Table 1 Summary of key processes and outputs in the PD methodology

From: Positive deviance as a novel tool in malaria control and elimination: methodology, qualitative assessment and future potential

  Key outputs
Key activities in the PD process
 1. Key stakeholder meeting Inform key figures and gain support for project
Map community groups
 2. Community orientation meeting Community sensitisation and mobilisation
Identification of participants for FGDs and IDIs
 3. Situation analysis Understanding of context and normative behaviours related to malaria
 4. PD inquiry Identification of PD behaviours and role models
 5. Participatory analysis Triangulate findings with key stakeholders
 6. Community feedback session Share key PD behaviours
Recruit PD volunteers
Action plan for PD activities
Key activities in the PD implementation process
 1. Training of PD volunteers PD volunteers understanding of malaria and PD behaviours; strategies for communicating to community; action plan for activities
 2. PD interactive sessions by volunteers Spread PD messages to different community groups
 3. Monthly volunteer meetings Feedback and action planning
 4. Monitoring of malaria cases and PD activities Village malaria maps
PD activity coverage maps
 5. Community handover seminar Sustainability of intervention by community