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Fig. 3

From: Alternative methods for the Plasmodium falciparum artemisinin ring-stage survival assay with increased simplicity and parasite stage-specificity

Fig. 3

Comparison of results obtained with three RSA methods. The Percoll method is shown in black, the filtration method in gray, and the sorbitol-only method in pattern. Across the three methods, results are consistent for each line and the distinction between sensitive and surviving is clear. GB4 and progeny 39E3, 34F5, 36F11, and 24G11 all contain K13 C580, while 803 and progeny 76H10 and 61E8 contain K13 C580Y. Survival of all K13 C580 lines is significantly less than those containing the K13 C580Y polymorphism. Values are presented in detail in Additional file 2

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