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Table 4 Association between uncomplicated clinical malaria and sleeping under an LLIN adjusted on other variables, Djougou–Copargo–Ouake health district

From: Effectiveness of insecticidal nets on uncomplicated clinical malaria: a case–control study for operational evaluation

Variables Adjusted OR (95 % CI)
Sleeping every night under an LLIN for the 2 weeks before the survey
 Sometimes or never 1
 Every night 0.45 (0.28–0.72)a
0.84 (0.64–1.10)b
Children age group (month)
 24–60 1
 0–23 0.24 (0.19–0.31)
Mother or guardian age group (year)
 <25 1.02 (0.76–1.38)
 25–35 1
 ≥35 1.41 (1.06–1.87)
Knowing mosquitoes transmit malaria
 No 1
 Yes 0.71 (0.54–0.93)
  1. Multivariate conditional logistic regression taking into account clustering effect was done
  2. a,bAdjusted OR on children’s age, mother’s age and knowing mosquitoes transmit malaria
  3. aAdjusted OR for group of children whose mother have been at primary school at least
  4. bAdjusted OR for group of children whose mother have never been at school