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Fig. 3

From: Global fund financing to the 34 malaria-eliminating countries under the new funding model 2014–2017: an analysis of national allocations and regional grants

Fig. 3

Estimated global fund NFM malaria funding ranges for malaria-eliminating countries in the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe regions, for the period of 2014–2017 using adjustments and additional funding. Minimum funding under the NFM would be calculated as: Full national allocation—10 % of national allocation approved to be reallocated to AIDS or TB from malaria—15 % of national allocation for unmet willingness to pay criteria+ any regional grant funding. Maximum funding would include: Full national allocation+ 10 % of national allocation for additional disease resources decided by the country coordinating mechanism+ 15 % incentive, if eligible, + any regional grant funding. Azerbaijan and Iran do not have a NFM allocation and no countries in this region have been granted funding through a regional grant. CCM country coordinating mechanism. WTP willingness to pay

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