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Fig. 4

From: Global fund financing to the 34 malaria-eliminating countries under the new funding model 2014–2017: an analysis of national allocations and regional grants

Fig. 4

Estimated global fund NFM malaria funding ranges for malaria-eliminating countries in the Americas, for the period of 2014–2017 using adjustments and additional funding. Minimum funding under the NFM would be calculated as: Full national allocation—10 % of national allocation approved to be reallocated to AIDS or TB from malaria—15 % of national allocation for unmet willingness to pay criteria + any regional grant funding. Maximum funding would include: Full national allocation + 10 % of national allocation for additional disease resources decided by the country coordinating mechanism + 15 % incentive, if eligible, + any regional grant funding. Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Panama did not get a new allocation amount from the GFATM, but will receive funding through the EMMIE regional grant if they meet the targets agreed upon in the grant. CCM country coordinating mechanism. WTP willingness to pay

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