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Table 3 Potential adjustments and additional funding to national allocations

From: Global fund financing to the 34 malaria-eliminating countries under the new funding model 2014–2017: an analysis of national allocations and regional grants

Potential dimension for adjustments Definition Adjustment Timing of adjustment
Willingness to pay Amount the country is willing to put forth beyond the required counterpart financing. The amount is negotiated between each country and the GFATM −15 % of national allocation if criteria is not met During country dialogue
Disease split between HIV, TB, malaria Amount of funding allocated to each disease, decided upon by the country coordinating mechanism Up to ± 10 % of the national allocation amount for each disease During country dialogue
Incentive funding Aimed to reward high impact, well preforming projects +15 % for eligible countries (bands 1–3) During grant-making with the Grant Approvals Committee
Additional Funding
Regional grant funding Any funding granted to a country from a regional grant (E8, EMMIE, and RAI)—this amount would be additive to any national grants Country share breakdown per regional grant amounts Independent of national grant process
  1. Source: global fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria resource book for applicants: The global fund’s new funding model (2014)