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Table 4 Protection of immunized BALB/c mice

From: A highly infectious Plasmodium yoelii parasite, bearing Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein

  Vaccination/boost dosea No. infected mice/no. challenged miceb
Irradiated PfCSP/Py 4/4
200,000 4/4
100,000 4/4
50,000 4/4
100,000/100,000 1/4
50,000/50,000 2/4
25,000/25,000 3/4
  1. aThe interval between the priming and boosting with irradiated PfCSP/Py Spz is 14 days
  2. bMice were challenged by iv injection of 50 live, non-irradiated salivary gland PfCSP/Py Spzs. The infection was evaluated by the presence of parasites in thin blood smears upon Giemsa staining on 7–14 days post Spz challenge