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Fig. 1

From: Defining rules of CD8+ T cell expansion against pre-erythrocytic Plasmodium antigens in sporozoite-immunized mice

Fig. 1

Multiple Plasmodium berghei RAS immunizations induce T cell responses with characteristically expanding or contracting frequencies in the C57BL/6 models of Plasmodium sporozoite immunization. C57BL/6 mice immunized once (1X) or twice (2X) with 1-2x104 P. berghei ANKA RAS respond to a PBANKA_1349800 TRAP (H2-Db-restricted TRAP130-138 SALLNVDNL), b sporozoite-specific gene 20 (S20) PBANKA_1429200 (H2-Kb restricted S20318-326 VNYSFLYLF), c PBANKA_0819000 secreted acid phosphatase glideosome-associated protein 50 (GAP50) (H2-Db restricted GAP5041-48 SQLLNAKYL), d PBANKA_0416600 replication protein A1 (PbF4 peptide EIYIFTNI) and e PBANKA_0714500 (H2-Kb-restricted PbNCY peptide NCYDFNNI). Bars display mean value and error bars show the 95 % confidence interval; *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001, ****p < 0.0001, Students t-test. For all peptides, splenocytes from naïve mice showed < 2 SFU/million

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