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Table 2 Comparison of immunogenicity data to available mass spectrometry-based expression data

From: Defining rules of CD8+ T cell expansion against pre-erythrocytic Plasmodium antigens in sporozoite-immunized mice

Antigen Epitope MHC Protective? Conserved in Pb/Py? Recall? No. spectra in Py/Pf spzb (Py rank/Pf rank) No. spectra from Py/Pf spz surface?b
(Py rank/Pf rank)
Δ Transcription (24/40 h LS vs sgSPZ)c
Hom Het
PyCSP SYVPSAEQI H2Kd Yes Noa Yes NA 549/1460 (22/5) 166/140 (1/1) ND/ND
PbTRAP SALLNVDNL H2Db Yes Noa Yes NA 1437/2164 (13/4) 16/1 (10/22) −1.91/−3.01
PbS20 VNYSFLYLF H2 Kb No Yes No Yes 536/652 (61/44) ND/5 (NA/11) ND/ND
PyL3 GYKSGMSHI H2Kd No Yes No Yes 291/82 (89/402) ND/ND (NA/NA) 3.00/2.88
PbGAP50 SQLLNAKYL H2Db No Yes No No 390/584 (51/24) ND/ND (NA/NA) 1.31/–1.08
PbF4 EIYIFTNI H2b No Yes No No 46/84 (630/481) ND/ND (NA/NA) ND/ND
  1. Hom homologous; Het heterologous; NA not applicable; ND not detected
  2. aPyCSP SYVPSAEQI vs. PbCSP SYIPSAEKI; PyTRAP SALLVVDTL vs. PbTRAP SALLNVDNL, amino acid differences underlined
  3. bNumber of spectra detected for Py (P. yoelii) and Pf (P. falciparum) orthologues of the tested antigen based on mass spectrometry of sporozoites as described in [45]
  4. cChange in mRNA transcription for 24 h LS:sgSPZ or 40 h LS:sgSPZ based on [47] and PlasmoDB [42]
  5. dPy protein truncated compared to Pb protein