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Table 1 Summary of Ugandan MoH job aid for VHW iCCM training

From: Monitoring iCCM referral systems: Bugoye Integrated Community Case Management Initiative (BIMI) in Uganda

Steps in the job aid Indicated actions
Step 1: Ask caregiver for child’s age Mark age up to 5 years old
Step 2: Ask caregiver about child’s symptoms Mark cough, diarrhoea and/or fever
If cough present, check for fast breathing
Step 3: Ask caregiver and look for danger signs If any danger signs present, refer to local health centre
Step 4a: Pre-referral treatment if danger signs Give ORS, amoxicillin, ACT, or rectal artesunate depending on the danger sign(s) present
Step 4b: Treat and advise if no danger signs For cough, give amoxicillin
For diarrhoea, give ORS and zinc
For fever, give ACT
Step 5: Advise for all children treated at home Give more fluids
Go to health centre if notice danger signs
Sleep under bed net
Follow up with VHW in 3 days
Step 6: Advise on routine care of newborns Keep baby warm
Exclusive breastfeeding
Skin and cord cleanliness