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Table 2 Comparison of ANC and EPI-based LLIN distribution in African countries

From: Assessing the availability of LLINs for continuous distribution through routine antenatal care and the Expanded Programme on Immunizations in sub-Saharan Africa

Policy and implementation
 Countries with a reported distribution policy 33 25  
 Average years between policy and implementation 2.3 2.7  
Proportion of LLINs distributed via each channel
 Proportion of total LLINs distributed through the channel (%)  
Distribution channel availability ratio ANC (%) DTP1 (%) Measles (%)
Availability ratio 55 34b 37c
Missed opportunities through channela 45 66b 63c
  1. aThe proportion of reported women attending ANC or children attending EPI for whom an LLIN was not available
  2. bRatio calculated using the number of children who received DTP 1 vaccination as the denominator
  3. cRatio calculated using the number of children who received Measles vaccination as the denominator