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Fig. 2

From: Diversity-oriented natural product platform identifies plant constituents targeting Plasmodium falciparum

Fig. 2

ELSD chromatograms of Berberis thunbergii fractions 80679-c1–80679-c9. UPLC conditions (details in Additional file 1): Fraction 80679-c1 injected by using “3 min_nonpolar_NP” method. Fractions 80679-c2–80679-c4 injected by using “3 min_NP” method. Fraction 80679-c5 injected by using “NP” method. Fractions 80679-c6–80679-c9 injected by using “3 min_polar_NP” method. Anti-plasmodium activity of the COMBI is expressed as a green or red arrow on the basis of its potency compared to its preceding fraction(s) in COMBIs, starting from the most hydrophilic fraction at the bottom (f8) and continuing to the most lipophilic (f19) fraction at the top of the figure

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