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Fig. 2

From: Malaria and other febrile diseases among travellers: the experience of a reference centre located outside the Brazilian Amazon Region

Fig. 2

Radiologic findings of a man, 60 years of age, presenting severe vivax malaria. a Chest radiograph (PA view) showing interstitial opacities in both lungs compatible with pulmonary congestion. Obliteration of the costphrenic angles due to small bilateral pleural effusion can also be observed. b In the left lateral decubitus the pleural effusion is seen as fluid layering along the rib cage (black arrows). c Abdominal magnetic resonance imaging (T1-weighted axial image) reveals spontaneous sub-capsular splenic haematoma (white arrow). d The splenic haematoma is shown as T1-weighted coronal MRI image (white arrow)

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