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Fig. 2

From: The biological function of antibodies induced by the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine candidate is determined by their fine specificity

Fig. 2

CSP antibody epitope fine specificity. a Endpoint ELISA antibody titres to NANP and PF16 peptides compared against ELISA antibody titres to recombinant full-length CS antigen (CS). b Additive model of CS antibody titres as a linear combination of NANP and PF16 ELISA antibody titres compared to ELISA antibody titres to CS. The following model was fitted using linear regression: CS titre = β1 × NANP titre + β2 × PF16 titre, and obtained values of β1 = 20.5 and β2 = 389. c Relative antibody responses shown as NANP:CS antibody titre ratio and PF16:CS antibody titre ratio. R2 values from a Pearson correlation are shown if the statistically significance is at a cut-off of p < 0.01

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