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Table 3 Significant interactions between the SNPs rs35593994 and rs9514828 and the levels of IgM specific for ICB2-5

From: Immunogenetic markers associated with a naturally acquired humoral immune response against an N-terminal antigen of Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 1 (PvMSP-1)

CD28 (rs35593994) BLYS (rs9514828) IgM (RIa) b 95 % CI p c
GG CC 0.503 Reference   
GG CT 1.025 0.523 (0.195–0.850) 0.002
GA CC 0.916 0.413 (0.126–0.702) 0.005
GA TT 1.441 0.939 (0.395–1.483) 0.0009
  1. aAntibody levels are expressed as the mean of the reactivity index (RI)
  2. bDifference of the RI mean
  3. cBased on a logistic regression model using individuals exhibiting wild type genotypes (GG and CC) as a reference