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Table 6 Summary of model results

From: Ecology of urban malaria vectors in Niamey, Republic of Niger

  Significant variable in the model: Yes/No Interactions
Typology (reference “human made”) Distance to river (reference “<500 m”) Up/down stream (reference “upstream”) Water surface Season (reference “Dry cool”) Typology * season Distance river * season
Ano1 Kori (p = 0.0524) Yes (Qp = 0.0281) (p = 0.0977) No NA NA NA
Ano2 Pond (p < 2e−16), River (p = 0.0217) Yes (Qp < 2e16) Yes (Lp < 2e16) Yes (p = 2e-6) Rainy (p = 0.0003) Yes Yes
Culex1 Pond (p = 0.0028), River (p = 0.0027) Yes (Lp = 0.0139) NA No NA NA NA
Culex2 Kori (p < 2e−16), Pond (p < 2e16), Ricefield(p < 2e16), River (p = 8.7e11), Small temp(p = 2e-11) Yes (Qp < 2e16) NA Yes p < 2e16 Dryhot (p < 2e16), Rainy (p < 2e16) Yes Yes
  1. Positive relationships are in bolditalic. Negative relationships are italicized. The reference modality in model is indicated in column head. Models are namedafter Table 5. Interactions between factors are detailed in the Table 7