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Table 7 Significant interactions between factors in GLM models

From: Ecology of urban malaria vectors in Niamey, Republic of Niger

Typology (reference “Human made”) Anopheles Culicinae
Rainy season Hot and dry season Rainy season Hot and dry season
Kori   Ano2*** Culex2***  
Pond Ano2*** Ano2***   Culex2***
Ricefield Ano2**   Culex2*** Culex2***
River   Ano2*** Culex2*** Culex2*
Small Temp Ano2***   Culex2**  
Distance river(L-Linear, Q-Quadratic) Ano2*** (Q + L) Ano2***(L) Culex2*** (Q) Culex2*** (Q)
  1. The significant interactions upon mosquito aquatic stages abundances are shown between modalities (classes) of the Season Factor and Typology and Distance to the river. The reference modality is indicated in column or row heads. In bolditalic, positive interactions; italicized, negative interactions; the p values are coded as: 0 ‘***’ 0.001 ‘**’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘·’ 0.1 ‘ ' 1