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Fig. 2

From: Plasmodium falciparum parasite population structure and gene flow associated to anti-malarial drugs resistance in Cambodia

Fig. 2

Uneven distribution of alleles in the P. falciparum population over Cambodia. Barcode was determined per sampling areas. The barcode is represented by 11 genomic positions presenting two types of allele per site: the reference allele which is found in 3D7 reference genome (REF) and the alternative allele (ALT). Difference in frequency of one of the REF/ALT allele in a local parasite population vs the 282 samples was evaluated using a Chi squared analysis. The allele was in blue for REF and dark red for ALT. The allele was in grey color when the Chi squared parameter measuring the difference between observed and calculated value was below 1. Barcode position BC11 was not suitable for Chi squared analysis

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