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Fig. 3

From: Real-time measurement of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocyte cytoadhesion with a quartz crystal microbalance

Fig. 3

Overview of QCM experiments measuring attachment of cells to receptors by frequency shifts and subsequent microscopic count. Median, interquartile range and single measurements of frequency shifts measured by the QCM platform Fidget Type 1 (upper panel) and subsequent microscopic count of the number of attached cells per microscopic field (lower panel) for either P. falciparum iRBCs of FCR3-CSA strain (n = 5) and red blood cells (RBC, n = 3) added to CSA receptors (CSA), or for iRBCs of FCR3-CD36 strain (n = 6) and RBCs (n = 4) added to CD36 receptors. Results show that iRBCs (FCR3 parasites) bind to the respective receptor, reflected by a dampening of the frequency and a higher count data in the microscope whereas RBCs do not bind. CSA chondroitin sulfate A, PLL poly-l-lysin

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