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Table 2 Partial protection after CPS immunization as detected by thick smear or retrospective qPCR

From: Diagnosis and treatment based on quantitative PCR after controlled human malaria infection

  Number Pre-patent period (days) Parasitemia 1st peak (log)
Mean SD P value Mean SD P value
Positive thick smeara
 CPS-immunized (partially protected)b 10 12.2 1.85 0.006 1.00 0.56 0.02
 Controls (unprotected) 9 9.7 2.05 2.07 1.07
Positive qPCRc
 CPS-immunized (partially protected)b 10 9.6 2.06 0.035 1.10 0.67 0.04
 Controls (unprotected) 9 7.9 1.83 1.99 1.06
  1. Differences between mean pre-patent periods were determined by Mann–Whitney U test in ten partially protected and nine control volunteers after CPS immunization [11, 12]. Parasitaemia of the first parasite wave was estimated by determining the geometric mean parasitaemia from 6.5 to 8.0 days after challenge. Differences in the mean parasitaemia of the first peak was determined by an independent samples t test
  2. aThreshold of 4000 parasites/ml and twice daily blood sampling
  3. bOnly volunteers with patent parasitemia included in the analyis
  4. cThreshold of 100 parasites/ml and once daily blood sampling