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Table 2 Outdoor-to-indoor biting ratios of Anopheles albimanus derived from human-landing catch and light trap studies in Haiti

From: Malaria vector research and control in Haiti: a systematic review

Author and year Reference Location Outdoor-to-indoor biting ratiof
Taylor 1976 [27] Various sites in Haitia 3.87
Hobbs et al. 1986 [28] Various sites in Haitib 2.10
Mekuria et al. 1990c [30]   
 An. albimanus   Dajabón, DR 30.22
 An. vestitipennis   Dajabón, DR 16.19
Desenfant 1988/Molez et al. 1998 [25, 31]   
 –   Bellevue, Haiti—EM48 1.16
 –   Bellevue, Haiti—EM61 1.95
 –   Laborde, Haiti 1.10
Sexton et al. 1986d [47]   
 HLC   Various sites in Haitib 5.60
 UV light trap   Various sites in Haitib 3.88
 CDC light trap   Various sites in Haitib 0.29
  1. aSites included: the communes of Mirebalais, Las Cahobas, Duvalierville, Port-de-Paix, Gros Morne and Arcahaie
  2. bSites included: Four villages of Morne Anglais, Belle Hotesse, La Fond and St. Michel
  3. cThis study provided results for An. albimanus and An. vestitipennis
  4. dThis study provided results for HLC, UV light traps and CDC light traps
  5. eThis study provided results for UV light traps
  6. fThe ratios were calculated by adding one to each outdoor and indoor biting value calculating the outdoor-indoor ratio then averaging the ratio