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Table 3 Direct costs associated with the testing of pregnant women and children in RCH clinics

From: Pregnant women and infants as sentinel populations to monitor prevalence of malaria: results of pilot study in Lake Zone of Tanzania

Cost elements Annual cost (US$) Proportion of total cost (%)
Total for 54 health facilities Average per health facility
Training of RCH staff 7656.25 141.78 7
Personnel: RCH nurses 3240.00 60.00 3
Consumables (RDT)a 80,125.35 1483.80 72
Travel for monitoring and supervision 20,250.00 375.00 18
Total 111,271.60 2060.59 100
  1. RCH reproductive and child health; RDT rapid diagnostic test
  2. aConsumables based on reported attendance (assumes 100 % test rate for both pregnant women and infants). Cost of RDT based on average price for 2013 [14]