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Fig. 3

From: Malaria intervention scale-up in Africa: effectiveness predictions for health programme planning tools, based on dynamic transmission modelling

Fig. 3

Proportional reductions in case incidence in 0–4-year-olds 8–10 years following ITN and/or CM scale-up. Estimated by statistical models, averaged over four hypothetical Admin1 units. Left ITN scale-up from 0 to 60 %, by level of target CM coverage; Right CM scale-up 0–60 %, by level of target ITN coverage; Top Average over two Admin1 units with high (71 and 82 %) baseline PfPR in 2–9 years; Bottom Average over two Admin1 units with low (0.3 and 11 %) baseline PfPR in 2–9 years

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