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Fig. 2

From: Burden of malaria is higher among children in an internal displacement camp compared to a neighbouring village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Fig. 2

Bed net ownership (white bars) and use (black bars) in a Congolese IDP camp and neighbouring village. Self-reported household bed net ownership and use by an index child <5 in the household the night prior to the survey, according to wealth quintile. Results are based on community-based surveys of the IDP camp at Bilobilo (a, n = 200) and the neighbouring village of Mubi (b, n = 200), as well as a clinic-based survey of febrile children from the IDP camp (c, n = 100) and the village (d, n = 100). In multivariable logistic regression models, IDP camp residence (relative to control village) and wealth index were independent predictors of bed net ownership

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