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Table 2 Adjusted odds ratios (aOR) of parasite and gametocyte presence stratified by risk factor and intervention

From: Assessment of submicroscopic infections and gametocyte carriage of Plasmodium falciparum during peak malaria transmission season in a community-based cross-sectional survey in western Kenya, 2012

aOR Factor Overall Asembo Karemo
18S Age: <5 vs >15 1.47 (0.93–2.31)   
Age: 5-15 vs >15 2.80 (1.46–5.38)a   
Age <5 vs 5–15 0.52 (0.29–0.95)a   
Anaemia vs No Anaemia NAb   
Fever vs No Fever 1.21 (0.75–1.95)   
ITN vs No ITN   0.26 (0.10–0.68)a 1.08 (0.60–1.93)
AM vs No AM 1.02 (0.61–1.70)   
Pfs25 Age: <5 vs >15 1.43 (0.95–2.12)   
Age: 5–15 vs >15 3.37 (2.12–5.36)a   
Age: <5 vs 5–15 0.42 (0.28–0.64)a   
Anaemia vs No Anaemia 2.11 (1.52–2.94)a   
Fever vs No Fever 1.65 (1.11–2.46)a   
ITN vs No ITN 0.78 (0.54–1.14)   
AM vs No AM 0.32 (0.21–0.50)a   
  1. Adjusted odds ratios accounting for multivariate comparisons (18S included age, fever, ITN use, anti-malarial use, study area; Pfs25 included age, fever, ITN use, anti-malarial use, study area, and anaemia). Age was stratified by set age categories (<5, 5–15, >15) in an adjusted analysis. Values were presented by overall for all parameters except for ITN vs No ITN for 18S where there was an interaction by study area and risk factor, reporting by area
  2. aStatistically significant
  3. bNot analysed because parasitaemia causes anaemia