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Table 11 Summary of mobile migrant population profiles

From: High mobility, low access thwarts interventions among seasonal workers in the Greater Mekong Sub-region: lessons from the malaria containment project

  Variables Forest workers Construction workers Security personnel Seasonal workers Visitors
Profile   FW CW SP SW T
Main activities Hunting, fishing, logging, non-timber forest products Dam or road construction, mining Patrolling Farming, plantation, chamkar  
Population type Local, Mobile, Migrant Mobile, Migrant Mobile, Migrant Local, Mobile, Migrant Mobile
Forest/malaria exposure Location from forest In forest In forest/forest fringe In forest Forest fringe Forest fringe
Duration of stay in forest 1–4 weeks 1–6 months Weeks to months? 1–4 weeks 1 week
Forest exposure High Medium to high High Low to medium Low
Housing type Tents, none Huts, barracks, tents Huts, barracks, tents Tents, huts Wooden or concrete house
Working conditions/access/outreach Work area Forest, hills Forest, hills Border forest Foot hills, plains, valleys  
Work location Mobile Fixed Semi-mobile Fixed  
Link/affiliation None or village for local population Company Government Farm owner/company None
Main point of contact None or village for local population Company Military base Farm owner/company Guest houses/hotels