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Table 1 Data collection summary

From: Acceptability of malaria rapid diagnostic tests administered by village health workers in Pangani District, North eastern Tanzania

Type of data collected Data collection techniques Participants Number of villages covered Total data collected
Quantitative Household questionnaire Mothers of children aged less than 5 years 8 out of 14 HMM study villages (4 with, and 8 without health facilities) 346 household questionnaires administered
Qualitative Focus group discussions Separate sessions for mothers of children aged less than five years and village health workers 4 out of 8 villages where mRDTs component took place (2 with, and 2 without health facilities) 8 FGD sessions (two separate FGDs in each village, each with mothers/VHWs)
  1. The host HMM project that relied on presumptive treatment of malaria covered 14 villages. The current study with mRDTs component took place in 8 out of the 14 HMM study villages