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Fig. 2

From: Cost effectiveness of intermittent screening followed by treatment versus intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy in West Africa: analysis and modelling of results from a non-inferiority trial

Fig. 2

Cost effectiveness planes: the graphs display the results of two different Monte Carlo simulations with 10’000 iterations each using the value ranges and distributions specified in Table 1. The different coloured lines illustrate the median and three willingness-to-pay (WTP) thresholds. WTP threshold 1 of US$ 861.33 is the GDP/capita averaged over the four countries. WTP threshold 2 and 3 represent the original thresholds defined by WHO in 1993 as highly attractive and attractive, both inflated to US$ 2012. a shows the results including the costs occurring from the consequences of malaria during pregnancy and b excluding these costs

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