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Table 3 Difference between dN  dS, KN  KS and the neutral index from MK test

From: Size polymorphism and low sequence diversity in the locus encoding the Plasmodium vivax rhoptry neck protein 4 (PvRON4) in Colombian isolates

P. vivax P. vivax/Plasmodium ssp
P. knowlesi P. inui P. coatneyi P. cynomolgi P. fragile P.cyn/P.inu P.kno/P.coa/P.fra
dN  dS K N   K S
−0.002* −0.011β −0.006β −0.006β −0.009β −0.010β −0.015β −0.025β
0.696 0.597 0.857 1.133 0.919   
  1. Non-synonymous substitution rate (dN) and synonymous substitution rate (dS) within P. vivax. Non-synonymous (KN) and synonymous (KS) divergence between P. vivax and phylogenetically close species. Neutrality index (NI) estimated by McDonald–Kreitman test using Jukes Cantor correction
  2. P.cyn P. cynomolgi, P.inu P. inui, P.kno P. knowlesi, P.coa P. coatneyi, P.fra P. fragile
  3. * p < 0.01
  4. β p < 0.001